local Sightseeing


Jagannath Temple Read

Jagannath is regarded as the supreme god and the sovereign monarch of the odisha empire. It is one of the tallest monuments i.e about 214 feet from the ground level.


Sea Beach Read

The second great attraction of puri is the sea beach acclaimed to be one of the best sea beaches of the world. The sea in puri is shallow and is therefore, highly suitable for sea-bath.


Gundicha Temple Read

Located 3 kilometres away from the main temple complex of Jagannath, the Gundicha Temple acts as the summer retreat for Lord Jagannath, his brother Balarama and sister Subhadra.


Lokanath Temple Read

According to a legend popular in Orissa, long ago, Puri was a centre of Shiva worship. According to this legend, Lord Ramachandra himself installed the Lingam in the Lokanath Temple.


Pratyush Ocean World Read

Pratyush Ocean World is a family water park with colorful slides & a shallow children's pool. Situated in Batamangala new bypass road in Puri.


Sudarshan Craft Museum Read

The Sudarshan Crafts Museum was established by Sri Sudarshan Sahoo to create a location where artists and art lovers can see the evolution of modern craftsmanship.


Blue Splash Water Park Read

Blue Splash Water Park has an adjacent amusement park, play area for children, snacks facility, changing and locker rooms etc.


Chilika Lake Read

Chilika Lake is the largest internal salt water lake in Asia, it is a paradise on earth for bird watchers and nature lovers.


Konark Temple Read

Konark Sun Temple is a 13th-century CE Sun temple at Konark about 36 kilometres (22 mi) northeast from Puri on the coastline of Odisha, India.